Conference: DOAG Forms Day 2018 21 in Berlin

I may proudly announce that I am a speaker at the DOAG Forms Day 2018 conference in Berlin​1​.

Since, some of my listeners at the DOAG 2017 found my presentation interesting I may present the topics a second time.

This time I am going to put more focus on the approaches developing Forms more agile. I will prepare some post of my favorite tricks and tips on how you can save time during developing forms application.

Bear in mind Forms development does not mean you are not able to develop agile.

Presentation Slides

I have just finished my presentation slides for the Forms Days 2018 in Berlin. You can download the the entire presentation here. I added some slides which put more focus on the workflow with Git:

I do not only describe which features you can use from the Forms API Master but also how you can follow the standard Git workflow in your Forms development.

Some of my personal favorite slides:


  1. 1.
    Lukaszewski A. Software-Entwicklungsprozess mit Git und API Master Software-Entwicklungsprozess mit Git und API Master. In: Berlin; 2018.